Increase your Instagram followers by using these 10 steps to increase your actual audience 

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Instagram has grown to become the foundation of numerous companies' social media presence, driving profitable traffic to blogs, growing the number of conversions and building an engaged user base. If your Instagram presence isn't the amount you'd like it to be, it might be the right time improve the strategies you employ to get real, genuine fans on Instagram. The more people you can attract and the greater opportunities you can use to interact with them and create unique experiences for them.

Organic distinctions are important: sometimes brands take the easy route in order to gain more Instagram followers. Pay-per-like and follower websites are everywhere, but these tricks are not worth the effort, as the Instagram algorithm is constantly changed to filter out paid, low quality accounts and interactions.

Additionally, the number on your Instagram following doesn't mean much in the absence of an engaged and active fan community which makes purchases, visits your landing pages, and is a spokesperson for your brand with people who are friends with you and your followers. Start building your presence up the right way with these strategies for increasing your Instagram followers.

10 ways to increase Instagram followers

1. Optimize your Instagram account
Before you begin figuring out ways to get followers on Instagram One of the most important steps is to have your account fully optimized. Consider your company's Instagram bio as the "homepage" to your account. In the absence of a bio or picture captions, or a properly-designed account name or profile picture What will people think of when they discover the account is owned by your brand? This may seem obvious, but on Instagram your bio and profile image create the basis of your brand's identity. The bio link is the sole place to get Instagram visitors to your website therefore optimizing your profile is important. If you're uncertain where to put your link, consider the product or marketing pages that are related to specific keywords, hashtags or campaigns that you have on your Instagram account.

It's OK-but why not give users an unified experience when they go from your bio to an online site? This has led to the popularity of IG link landing pages which provide relevant links to the latest items of content that are mentioned on a brand's feed and "link on bio" posts that direct users to the relevant links. Additionally, keep your username as search-friendly as possible this usually means sticking closely to your brand name. If your business name is lengthy, reduce it to something your audience could recognize.

Don't include numbers or special characters to your username. If possible, make it consistent with other social media handles you already have. The best way to optimize your Instagram account is to develop and implement an Instagram marketing strategy. Further information can be found on Stack-writer.

2. Keep a consistent content calendar
The most dangerous thing you can do to gain people to follow you for Instagram is to upload content at random, haphazard times. If you're lucky enough to be able to get followers from your first few days, don't want them to forget they followed you in the first place. To combat this, keep to a regular posting schedule.

Generally, brands shouldn't post more than two times throughout the day to prevent spam, but regardless of your cadence, keep it regular. Around 200 million Instagram users log on daily for a variety of reasons, so to spread your net further consider publishing every few times throughout the entire day. In fact, our own research into the best times to upload to Instagram pinpoints the best times to publish for a variety of industries, or you can follow our research of the most optimal times to post across all topic areas below: A consistent schedule will help you build a consistent experience for your followers and ensure they stay informed of your brand.

But if you're wondering how you're going be able to remember to post at different times throughout the day You're covered by using Sprout's scheduling tools and optimal time features. Read on for more details.

3. Make Instagram posts in advance
While the Instagram algorithm has been changed to show users the most interesting content but posting at the correct timings can still help give your posts more exposure by increasing the overall engagement they receive. There's a lot your brand can do to boost its visibility, and now using Sprout Social, scheduling Instagram content is among them. With our most recent tools, we'll help your brand plan content with an easy process. By scheduling content ahead of time, your entire team can be aware of schedules and campaigns more efficiently. It's always wise to roll out content ahead of time. with our Instagram scheduler, you'll be able to get your message out to your target audience and maintain a an ongoing flow of content simultaneously.

You can also utilize the trademarked ViralPost feature, and let us take care of the job for you. ViralPost analyzes your own account's engagement history and identifies the most optimal times to publish your content algorithmically. Perfect your Instagram content strategy with Sprout Social. Alongside scheduling a complete picture of your Instagram content calendar, Sprout offers even more options to enhance your company's feed.

Create IG-approved graphics with your team members using the Asset Library, or test out our Grid preview tool to ensure every aspect of your presence is true to your brand fashion. Take a look at these features and more by taking advantage of the 30-day trial period of Sprout.

4. Find brand ambassadors and partners to promote your content
If you're trying to figure out how to increase your Instagram followers, it's essential to understand the importance of your following. The larger your follower count increases (organically) the greater number of customers and buyers you will have. The best way to get followers to follow you is to put yourself there and stay active. It is essential to be active on your personal Instagram and other Instagram accounts.

Try sponsoring user-generated content to increase your visibility in your customers' feeds. You can also hold Instagram contests to boost your brand's name in the feeds of customers. reach a wider reach to a larger. These types of campaigns build social proof, by showing that your fans that they are invested enough to share your content with others or make their own UGC.

Another way is to get your profile placed in front of a more broader audience. It is a good idea to join larger Instagram accounts in your industry, like notable influencers in your industry, to promote your content to their audience. Just make sure you're providing something of value. The one thing you do not want to do is seem to be too selling. Find collaborations in marketing and co-marketing plans with other businesses to expand your Instagram followers.

5. Avoid fake Instagram followers.
There's a big distinction between an Instagram account that is fake genuine followers. It may be appealing to buy Instagram followers however the negative consequences outweigh the benefits of organic follower growth. The fake Instagram followers are more likely to:

* Attempt to trick new followers into following you When users visit an inactive Instagram feed with several thousand followers, it will lower the account's credibility. Do not entice people to follow you. Develop trust and establish long-lasting relationships for greater engagement.

* Do not generate any revenue It's tempting to buy followers, but your newly acquired bot or new followers won't be purchasing anything. Brands follow on Instagram because they love what you're posting or your company as a whole. These are genuine buyers and will add value to your company. There is a lack of buzz. If you have 10,000 fake followers, how many are going to comment, like and share your posts? Most likely, fake or bot accounts will be sifted by Instagram or deleted, which will make your posts appear to be engagement graveyards.

Real people have the ability to share, like, comment and engage with the Instagram content you post. In addition, they enjoy being able to see someone on the other side of them responding. For instance, Lush Cosmetics takes the time to answer various product-related questions, which results in the customers coming back, following or possibly sharing with others. These interactions will always have more value than a group of inactive followers.  

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6. Present your Instagram everywhere
What will make it easier for people to discover your account if you don't promote your Instagram account? Make sure that your Instagram account is on your website as well as various other platforms. Creating visibility and awareness is among the most effective methods of getting noticed. If you really want to increase your Instagram followers Let people know how to locate you. You can add social media buttons to your blog or website to help promote social shares across all your social media platforms and show users where you can be found on Instagram.

Another good idea is to cross-promote across your social media profiles. It is a good idea to cross promote across your social media accounts. Museum of Modern Art regularly announces the existence of its Instagram through Twitter. You can easily leverage other social networks to guide users to your Instagram. However, be sure you're not soliciting followers. Instead you should try to promote unique content on your Instagram so that users have a reason to follow you there. With Instagram expanding its offerings with new videos and content features such as Stories, IGTV and Reels You have an excellent chance to gain followers by creating innovative content.

7. Post content fans want
Although this can be easier to do, it's smart to learn what your followers would like to view. It's easy to see on Instagram that some content performs better than other content. This is the reason why testing is vital. Be it filters, captions or content types, or posts, the tiniest tiny detail can make a huge difference. Be on the lookout for ground for new Instagram trends so you know you're posting popular content. In order to take the analysis one step further, your company ought to invest in Instagram Analytics tools. This will make it easier to keep track of, benchmark and analyse Instagram content across all accounts.

Make sure that you're confident about your content strategy by looking at different filters, captions , and more to determine what resonates most effectively with your target audience. If you're not sure where to begin, consider analyzing your competitors. You shouldn't directly copy your competitors, but it's a good idea to keep notes on what they're up to or postings that generate engagement. A little study of your competitors' strategies could go a long way. It's possible to use the report on Instagram Competitors report to get the latest information on what's working for different brands in your industry.

8. Let the conversation begin
One of the best ways to make users more aware of Instagram is to engage them in conversation. In the year 2020, according to Sprout Social Index, consumers are more likely to interact with visual content, including photos (68%) and video (50%) and are followed by 30% who want to interact with posts written in text. Instagram is the ideal fit for this kind of audience profile that combines eye-catching images with captions that are equally captivating when you can perfect your Instagram caption copywriting abilities. People continue to use social media to be their primary brand's point of contact, whether its for off-the-cuff questions and chat, serious customer care queries, or praise for their favourite brand and product.

For your company, you need to be responsive and helpful on Instagram. Make sure to reply to as many questions or comments as you can, as it could be the difference between getting a new customer, follower or even enhancing the relationship you have with your followers. Our Index research also revealed that 89% of people are likely to purchase from a brand after having followed them on social media therefore it is crucial to gain the attention and respect needed to convert a visitor to your profile to followers.

9. Find hashtags that convert to
One of the most tried-and tested methods to gain followers on Instagram is by using hashtags. Since their inception, hashtags have served as an essential instrument for discovering and have allowed us to extend our social reach. As a marketer, you want to grow your following by gaining followers . hashtags provide just that. In the beginning, search for hashtags that are not too populated. Social Media Examiner points this idea out in detail by explaining how the hashtag #love has more than 184 million images that are linked to it. The task of highlighting your Instagram content among an ocean of millions of photos and videos isn't an easy thing to do.

You must find hashtags that people within your targeted audience are more likely to look up. If a connection that is relevant occurs, these users will be more likely to follow your page. Unique hashtags that are branded and unique are a method of grouping posts around the most relevant content for your company and its campaigns. For instance, M&Ms does a great job of using hashtags that are specific to an event at which they are taking part. Utilizing hashtags like #mmspotlight, the company can target its customers more precisely where the spotlight concert event happens and creates awareness. Knowing the performance of your hashtags on Instagram is just as essential to making them work. With the tools Sprout Social offers for hashtag analytics give you access to data on hashtag performance as well as use data to figure out what's working best. Don't be a blind participant in the hashtag world, be aware of what you're tagging so you can build your following.

10. Your Instagram followers satisfied The last but not least If you can make your followers on Instagram pleased, you'll see the payoff in the growth of your audience. We've shared plenty of tips for brainstorming and scheduling content, so you can put them into practice in a way that is authentic to your brand's voice. In other words, avoid being too sales-driven, naive or robotic. For most accounts, this involves adding posts legitimately designed to bring a smile on the faces of followers and create customer relationships. Don't forget to send your followers with content like they are friends on your personal feed: this might include posting memes, inspirational content or simply re-sharing intriguing images or art (all properly credited, of course) which can provide your followers a bit of a energy boost throughout the day.